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If you want to get a new email account, there are many options out there. You want one that’s easy to use and possesses all the features you need. You also want to make sure that it’s a protected service to enable you to rest easy knowing that your individual data is secure.

Leading Email Sites: The Best Free of charge Email Offerings

Yahoo Mail is the earliest of the leading email sites and has a clean, minimal design that’s extremely user-friendly. That supports key pad shortcuts and a host of different useful features that make it probably the greatest free email sites.


Exceeding 400 mil users, Google’s browser-based email client comes with each of the modern unsolicited mail and disease protection you’d anticipate from a highly regarded email program. It’s also packed with features like communication filtering and calendar incorporation.

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The relatively new player on the block, ProtonMail provides an excellent range of features that set it apart from various other email services. In particular, the service codes all your communications before they’re sent to their very own servers. The company’s privacy regulations are also incredibly strong, which makes it one of the top rated email providers for privacy-conscious people.


Global Mail eXchange is a totally free email services that sticks out among other email services using its enormous optimum attachment limit of 50 MB. This gives you the ability to send large documents, photographs, and video tutorials without having to stress about overspending the mailbox’s space.

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